Tim Dehoff

Tim DeHoff began working at DeHoff Tool & Die, his father’s machine shop, at the age of 13. With nearly forty years of experience DeHoff is responsible for all of T-ROC Equipment’s manufacturing. He oversees and ensures that all parts are made in house and certified American made. Thanks to his upbringing DeHoff understands that equipment should be built to last a lifetime and he specializes in creating products that easily outlive and outlast the competition. DeHoff lives on his ranch in Tonganoxie, Kans. and enjoys supporting his wife and two daughters rodeo and cattle showing endeavors.

Ron Cowell

Ron Cowell designed the first automated box making machine in 1985. Cowell recognized a need for a custom packaging system and spent over a decade perfecting his design before forming T-ROC Equipment. Today Ron is T-ROC Equipment’s head designer. In addition to overseeing all design aspects he travels the country assisting in training and installation of T-ROC Equipment’s automated box making equipment.

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