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T-ROC’s automated box making machines are designed to create custom on demand boxes of any size eliminating the need for packing peanuts, bubble wrap and other unnecessary fillers. Since 1999 T-ROC has been dedicated to creating an American made box making alternative designed to allow manufacturers the versatility to respond to specialized packaging needs of any kind. Companies around the world now have access to thousands of combinations of custom box styles at the push of a button.

Automated Box Gluer


  • Glue any box style with glue tabs
  • Control panel offers easy operation
  • auto detection of glue tab for faster gluing
  • Glue boxes up to 42 inches wide by any width by any depth
  • Runs single wall or double wall material
  • Food grade hot melt glue sets in five seconds
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Automatic Feeder


  • ABF Automatically feeds material to box machine
  • Feeds sheets 12” to 72” or 86” depending on size of box machine
  • Feeds sheets up to 144” long
  • ABF can hold 150 sheets of single wall corrugated material for feeding
  • ABF feeds sheets at a rate of 230 per hour
  • Feeder automatically lifts the sheets into position and inserts into box machine
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Heavy Duty


  • Easy one pass operation
  • Runs up to 300 boxes per hour
  • Over 40 different box styles
  • 50,000 different dimension combinations
  • Large 10.5 inch screen
  • Available in 72 or 86 inch wide models or custom sizes
  • Quick change cutting blades
  • Designed and build to constant 24-7 use
  • Input box dimensions from screen, memory or bar code
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“Our T-ROC SBM86 is far superior to the EZ Box Machine it replaced. This machine creates boxes fast, accurate and is extremely dependable. We have no down time due to mechanical failures and this machine has improved our productivity by 65%.”

George Bebo, Stryker National Logistics Center, Sumner, WA