What makes T-ROC different?

T-ROC sells the machine directly to you. Unlike our competitors we do not loop you into a lengthy contract to purchase material from us, but we can help you locate the most affordable option. Our focus is on providing our customers with the equipment they need to reduce their bottom line while ultimately running their business as they see fit.

How does T-ROC’s line of equipment save me money?

T-ROC’s automated box making machines and glue machine allow companies to reduce their bottom line in a multitude of ways. Companies can now create the right size box significantly reducing their material costs. Creating the smallest possible box eliminates the need for packing peanuts, bubble wrap and other fillers. By creating the boxes in house customers optimize warehouse space by eliminating large box inventory. T-ROCs line of equipment also helps reduce labor and shipping costs.

How does the machine work?

Each model varies slightly when it comes to performance. The automated box making machines are designed to be fed material that is then cut and scored to the exact box dimensions entered on the large touch screen monitor.

What size boxes can the equipment make?

Our equipment can create almost any size box. From a golf ball to a refrigerator the machine is designed to meet all your packaging needs.

How many people does it take to operate each machine?

All of T-ROC’s machines can be easily operated by one person.

Can I save the dimensions and box style of a frequently used box?

Yes, all models of the Automated Box Maker allow you to save the dimensions and the style of boxes that you use. The MBM allows you to save up to 1,000 different boxes, and the HBM and SBM allow you to save up to 3,000 different boxes.

Does the box making process leave small pieces of scrap that I have to remove by hand and throw away?

No, all three of the ABM models slit the box blanks with a blade rather than slotting them. This makes for a much cleaner operation and does not leave behind the small pieces of material.

Am I limited to a standard set of dimensions for the boxes that I want to make?

No, all three models of the ABM use digital inputs for all dimensions, down to three decimal places (.000). This allows you to enter any dimension that you need to make your boxes exactly as you need them.

How big is the equipment footprint?

The Heavy Duty Box Maker (HBM) requires 12 x 12 feet of floor space for the 86-inch model. T-ROC’s Glue Machine (ABG) requires 8 x 9 feet of operating area. Each machine comes equipped with adjustable feet and sturdy built in rollers for ease of movement.

When I purchase a T-ROC machine what type of support is included?

Yes, each machine includes a specific warranty to that product. Phone support is also available 24-7.

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