T-ROC’s Automated Feeder (ABF) automatically feeds sheets of material through the box machine eliminating the need for unnecessary manpower required to feed material manually.

Automatic Feeder


  • ABF Automatically feeds material to box machine
  • Feeds sheets 12” to 72” or 86” depending on size of box machine
  • Feeds sheets up to 144” long
  • ABF can hold 150 sheets of single wall corrugated material for feeding
  • ABF feeds sheets at a rate of 230 per hour
  • Feeder automatically lifts the sheets into position and inserts into box machine


After sheets of material are manually loaded onto the table the ABF lifts the sheets into position and suctions insert the top sheet into the box machine automatically. The feeder will hold up to 150 sheets of single wall corrugated material for feeding. After the last sheet is fed the feeder table automatically lowers so more material can be manually loaded.



The ABF will feed machines from 12” in width up to 72” or 86” (depending on size of box machine). The feeder easily handles material up to 144” long at a rate of 230 per hour.


Operator Input Screen

The ABF operates from the color touch screen attached to the box machine. The touch screen features all the necessary controls for operating and managing sheet feeding.



The ABF requires 96” X 96” floor space. The electrical and air requirements are taken from the specific box machine and attach to the front of the machine.


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