The Automated Box Gluer (ABG) is designed to complement T-Roc Equipment’s Automated Box Makers. The ABG is designed to run single or double wall material, and it uses a low temperature, hot melt glue that sets up in 5 seconds to permanently glue boxes.

Automated Box Gluer


  • Glue any box style with glue tabs
  • Control panel offers easy operation
  • Easy touch screen input of box dimensions
  • Glue boxes up to 42 inches wide
  • Runs single wall or double wall material
  • Food grade hot melt glue sets in 5 seconds


The ABG is designed for effective and easy operation. Operator simply aligns the box blank with the infeed guide and durable rollers drive the material and compress the tab during the 5-second set-up time.


Control Panel

Easy to use control panel allows you to effortlessly enter the gluing dimensions.



The ABG can glue any box style that uses a glue flap. Moreover, the ABG glues inside or outside glue flaps. It will glue boxes up to 42 inches wide by any length and depth.  Hot Melt Glue allows the box to be used after five seconds.



Requiring 8 x 9 feet of operating area, the ABG has sturdy built-in roller casters for ease of movement. Once in position, the machine is set firmly in place with its adjustable leveling feet. Within an hour after delivery, the ABG can be plugged into a standard outlet, and is ready to glue boxes.


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