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Questions Frequently Asked About the ABM Series of Automated Box Making Machines

Do Automated box Makers score on both sides of a sheet of corrugated material?
Answer The Super-Duty machine (ABM-SBM) has both top and bottom score wheels.

Can the Automated Box Maker score both sides of the material?
Answer Yes, the ABM-SBM model has both top and bottom score wheels that score on both sides of the material. This feature is very beneficial for long boxes and for heavy double-wall boxes.

Can I save the dimensions and box style of frequently used box?
Answer Yes, all three models of the Automated Box Maker allow you to save the dimensions and the style of boxes that you use. The MBM allows you to save up to 1,000 different boxes, and the HBM and SBM allow you to save up to 3,000 different boxes.

Do I have to use a slitter to cut the material to size before I make the boxes?
Answer No, all of the ABM models can handle material that is larger than the blank size that is needed. The ABMs simply trim any excess material as it is producing the box blank. The excess material that is trimmed away can then be used to make additional boxes.

Does the box making process leave small pieces of scrap that I have to remove by hand and throw away?
Answer No, all three of the ABM models slit the box blanks with a blade rather than slotting them. This makes for a much cleaner operation and does not leave behind the small pieces of material like cutting slots in the box would do.

What are the benefits of having a 5-head machine versus a 3-head machine?
Answer The 5- head option allows you to make long five-panel folders in one pass.

Am I limited to a standard set of dimensions for the boxes that I want to make?
Answer No, all three models of the ABM use digital inputs for all dimensions, down to three decimal places (.000). This allows you to enter any dimension that you need to make you boxes exactly as you need them.

How much space will I need?
Answer All of the machines manufactured by T-ROC Equipment are designed to conserve as much space as possible.